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F.R.E.E. (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters) is on a mission. FREE is a collective of researchers, most of whom have scientific backgrounds, and they are serious. Their aim is to uncover the truth about unexplained encounters and how they relate to our perceived reality. A task far too often left to suffer rejection.

The core of their research seems to be focused on building a conclusive understanding of ET encounters and abductions. The approach of FREE is to carefully study all things unexplained: astrology, ghosts, life after death and all manner of psychic abilities. Occurrences that we humans claim to experience as real and valid. It is proposed that they can all be explained by using a quantum hologram (QH) theory. In a sense they are seeking a unified theory of everything.

What is exemplary about FREE is that on the one hand they have been thoroughly and carefully collecting data from hundreds of “experiencers” for over three years before releasing the data; and on the other hand they have been working on an explanation to prove and support the experiences themselves. While many, in the past, have collected data on ETs, UFOs or so called inter-dimensional entities, the work done by the team of credible and esteemed researchers at FREE now holds a blinding light to the these mysteries that could put to flight even the most devout skeptic. I feel comfortable saying this because I have been allowed, in confidentiality, to take a peak at some of their findings.

Rey Hernandez, as the official representative of FREE, is just now sharing their work with others. His hope is to gain the ear of the public by unveiling hard data that even the most conservative scientific and media outlets cannot discount. While some general statistics will soon be shared, the confidential details of each case study will be made available upon request. Scientists and researchers who offer honest and professional scrutiny by strictly adhering to the scientific method will be allowed access to the data. This will be done in the hope of promoting honest peer review and deliberation of the ongoing studies. FREE states that:

“The scientific community has classified evidence into a broader range of categories and processes. This has enabled experimenters and theorists to rank the veracity of observations. The idea is to test reality from differing frameworks until facts emerge that cannot be refuted.

In order to satisfy accepted criteria for being valid scientific evidence, a phenomenon must be: OBSERVABLE: Readily available for scrutiny by random populations of enquirers. MEASURABLE: Conducive to quantitative observation involving commonly agreed upon standards of measurement. REPLICABLE: Able to be demonstrated to exist by showing that it can be repeated”.

Why is Rey Hernandez so confident in the soon-to-be released material? For starters, the FREE advisory board members include, Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut), Dr. Rudy Schild (Emeritus research astronomer at Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) and Dr. Jon Klimo (professor at The American Schools of Professional Psychology) just to name a few. A slew of heady and lighter papers by the FREE board members can be found on their website. All together, the material purports to explain why the alien encounter experience is plausible within the paradigm of both newtonian physics and quantum physics.

Hernandez truly believes they have a grasp on an elegant theory to support the reports of abductees, UFO eyewitnesses, spirit encounters etc. It is called the Quantum Holographic Model. To try and explain what this model is he points to a paper by Dr. Edgar Mitchell entitled, Consciousness, Quantum Physics, the Zero Point Field and the Quantum Holographic Model, where Mitchell writes:

“A hologram analogy is valid, not only for the visual sense, but for all senses as well, it seems. The brain (and every cell of the body) is a quantum device. And every quantum entity has both a local (particle) and a nonlocal (wave) aspect. Prodigious amounts of information can be carried in this holographic manner including – theoretically, the entire space/time history of the learning organism. In other words the totality of our physical and subjective experience can be thought of as a multimedia hologram resonant with ourselves and the zero point field.”

The zero-point field Mitchell speaks of is essentially described as non-local and is pervasive throughout all reality. Assuming this is so, then all occurrences play out in contact with the zero-point field. Like interference patterns that laser light holograms use to produce a 3D image we can see with our eyes, there appears to be a relatable effect that subatomic particles and waves have on the quantum level when interacting with the zero-point field. Thus the quantum holographic model. To support his assertion Mitchell refers to the work of German Professor Dr. Walter Shempp who studied functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and built his Quantum Holography Theory:

“He discovered that the well known phenomenon of emission/reabsorption of energy by all physical objects at the quantum level carries information about the history of that physical object.”

All information, then, that is or ever was is a part of the zero-point field. What one may come away with is that any and all apparitions, near-death experiences, psychic abilities and claims of inter-dimensional visitations are explainable by already verifiable tests. What I believe is being said, is that all of these manifestations are either resonant information or a physical animation of something outside our seen reality not bound by time itself.

Now it is the job of Rey Hernandez to disseminate this information. But what about the actual ET encounters themselves? What is actually happening? According to Hernandez, the QH theory explains it all. He sites in his own paper, ET Contact Research, the Quantum Hologram and the Consciousness of the Spirit World, the work of near-death experience researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring stating:

“The Omega Project” compared a large sample of several hundred individuals who had claimed either a Near Death Experience or a self expressed “Abduction” experience. Please note that both of these population groups claimed to have experienced “human contact with non-human intelligences”, be they angelic spirit guides, deceased relatives, or visiting extraterrestrials. Dr. Ring’s conclusion, also shared by a few ET contact researchers, is that both the NDE and UFO abduction experiencers had nearly identical psychological and physical responses to their events!”

He eventually makes the argument that all ET encounters actually occur within the holographic universe. This includes shamanic experiences with “entities”, psychic encounters with ethereal beings and extraterrestrials. Based on the “experiencer” information collected by FREE and other works such as Dr. Ring, he and other FREE members believe that what is happening is the unfolding of some higher-intelligences’ agenda to bring “greater spiritual awareness and higher consciousness” to human beings.

Having spoken briefly with Rey Hernandez, I know that FREE is about to unleash a great deal of collected data to support this theory and even surprise investigators who have already spent years researching all things UFOlogy and paranormal. In fact, Hernandez is appearing nearly back to back on various media outlets where he wishes to share their findings. What I can share now is that so far, “Phase 1” of their “experiencer” survey consists of over 700 personal cases. The survey consists of 110 questions. “Phase 2”, which is soon to be released, has a staggering 500 questions. FREE invites people who have had a paranormal or ET encounter to visit their website and fill out the survey in order to build upon their work. What is promised to come out of these studies is nothing less than profound.

I am fortunate enough to personally interview Hernandez on behalf of EPIC Voyages Radio on Monday, March 9th at 9pm EST on Inception Radio Network in anticipation of gleaning some enlightening surprises that he plans to reveal. Also, the show will be rebroadcast on Dark Matter Radio, Friday the 13th at 8pm EST for anyone who may miss the original interview. EPIC (Extraordinary Phenomena Investigations Council) is particularly interested in this QH theory as it is in line with EPIC’s belief that the nature of all paranormal phenomena must be explicable through a unified scientific theorem.

So, if FREE’s hypothesis is valid then I expect that the body of evidence they have collected will stand up to the rigors of the scientific method and won’t disappoint. For years, many, including myself, have been excited to hear any number of claims to finally explain how it is that ETs exist and how they got here – only to be let down. I will go out on a limb here and say that maybe, just maybe, this time, there is a new theory here to stay.

Alan B. Smith

Host, EPIC Voyages Radio

Currently managing @epicvoyagesradio

Alan’s Instagram Account @alansnyc


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