The UFO Enigma & Theology

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I have recently felt the need to ask myself: why am I doing this? Why UFOs? On February 9th at 9pm I will be hosting my first online radio show. What topic have I chosen to explore? None other than UFOs, messengers from space and religion all wrapped up in one. More specifically I will be talking with author and theologian Ted Peters about his impressive book, “UFOs: God’s Chariots?”.

It is actually a heavy subject. Despite the Hollywood appeal of the onscreen invasions of nuts and bolts craft, explosions and heroic deeds to save humanity from the Other, there is a more subtle and intellectual side to the UFO question. Because, when close encounters with these otherworldly visitors are investigated, and those investigators have exhausted their research beyond the hard material sciences, they would have no choice but to face or ignore the question that is left: what did the aliens say?

The messages are loud and clear. And abundant. A large number of people who have claimed to have met and received messages from aliens, including abductees, have over time deemed their message necessary, urgent and often akin to the messianic messages from God’s angels, prophets and the Christian savior himself Jesus Christ. Messages like: to love your sister, brother, neighbor and enemies; to take care of this precious earth and all of creation; to have faith for the ETs are here to save us. Any number of religions can find the parallels between the alien/human dialogue and their own religious messages of salvation, hope or even a professed doomsday. But what happens if they do draw parallels?

Unfortunately, stories of abductions and close encounters with extraterrestrials can be easily ignored due to the influx of attention-seekers and the down right mentally unstable who find their way into the mix. The waters quickly become muddied before the truth is born out. On the surface, an investigator likely understands that any scientist taking a quick glance at the alien encounter will notice those damming disgraces of falsified fancies, which may force them to refocus their attention on more tangible studies. The psychologist would fear the implications if a kernel of truth was to be found within the experiences. Because how does one integrate measurable methods of scientific study within a seemingly religious paradigm? Who of them is likely to receive a research grant to start, or continue, a properly run and funded study? Both the researcher and the career scientist can be easily turned-off by the deeply mysterious and ethereal questions posed by what the experiencer has to share. This is where a theologian like Ted Peters comes in.

Approaching the enigma of all things UFO related, Peters has set his focus to studying the religious implications of meeting the Other. It would appear, according to Peters, that the messages and symbols that encompass close and very personal encounters have a spiritual significance. Take, for example, the case of Betty Andreasson. On board a UFO she had been given a vision. One prominent and quite moving visual to have appeared to her was the mythological bird, the phoenix, which perishes in flames only to be reborn again. Andreasson, as a Christian, can interpret this within the framework of her own religion. Seeing it as a sort of messianic message of resurrection or the return of God and Savior to bring heaven to the tattered and worn people of earth. Accompanied by this was an intense light that she could only experience as a God like presence.

There is an overwhelming number of experiencers that have stories with uncannily similar attributes. Within this shared symbolic matrix, the theologian sees human desire and a spiritual revelation. A message that is as old as time and perhaps Creation itself. It is from this often foggy point that Peters delves right into serious and meaningful inquiry. Leading, ultimately, to the question: who are the aliens and who are we? Is this all a divine experience?

This is why the EPIC Voyages program exists; to have that conversation. I have barely scratched the surface, here, of what Ted Peters has to share with us. But I assure you that his hard line of inquiry leads to some fantastic revelations not to be missed.

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One thought on “The UFO Enigma & Theology”

  1. I believe in God (or a creator(s) and aliens. Why is that so far fetched? Earths inhabitants have been seeing them for father back than we know.


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