Therianthropic Thought

Left: “Havfrue Eufori” (Mermaid Euphoria) by Rachel Monroe – Right: by Chad Michael Ward

Historically, humans have been fascinated with therianthropic gods and characters as reflected in mythologies from around the world. In turn this is a reflection of our own sense that we have an intimate connection with the natural world. Since the pre-priesthood days of long ago until today, shamans have attempted to attain the abilities and insights of various animals as can be seen reflected in cave paintings art and scupltures. Perhaps, though, this fascination and desire to take on the abilities of these god like characters was due in part because they did in fact encountered inter-dimensional beings in their altered state.These therianthopic shapeshifters and human-animal hybrids were later reflected in the creation stories and written down and told as fact by each culture such as the Egyptians, Norse, Cherokee, Greeks and Aztecs. However, beyond cave paintings and earlier primitive interpretations as claimed by anthroplogists, we know that myths did in fact bare some truth. Just what exactly all the truth is – no one person can say absolutley. Perhaps skygods truly did exist; and maybe it was simply someting about the way they looked that reminded the people on earth of various animals. How can we know either way? Shamans had seeked to gain the properties of animals and reflected this in story and art. So if early humans encountered other wordly entities, is it not plausible that they would create representations of them as part animal in order to explain their seemingly supernatural abilities?


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