If I Had The Answer


If I had the answer to the UFO mystery I don’t know if I would feel any better. How could I know if I don’t have the answers? As with many mysteries it seems the journey, the seeking is, in fact, what I really love. And besides, what if I don’t like the answer?

How could I not like it? Well, if I find out that the clock is ticking and that a far, far superior species plans to annihilate the human race in 20 or 30 years – I think I’d be disappointed to say the least. Sure, it might stimulate me to make the best of what time I’ve left of my life; but that would only make sense if I kept the secret to myself. If everyone else found out about this not so great news as well, then I imagine that the world I know will crumble very quickly. Knowing that I can’t foresee what this world would look like, except with the assumption that a lot of people will be going nuts and destroying stuff, I’m just not sure there is much room for comforting thoughts (outside of an inner spiritual belief system or holding the one that you love).

Maybe the news will be good. I find out that in years to come some extraterrestrial race plans on eventually revealing it’s high technology to bring free-energy, interstellar space travel, and the means to maintain balance of our Earth’s climate for thousands of years to come, feed all of our children and spare us all from disease and death. Now I’m stuck waiting for the miracles to arrive. When exactly will it happen, how will it happen, will I still even be alive to see my loved ones reap the benefits of these super aliens? And more importantly, what if they change their minds or alter their course of action in some way? All the while we are waiting for the messianic miracle that promises but never comes.

As long as I don’t have the full answers to my questions then there is room for hope. I can imagine and insert the things that I want an ET species to fulfill. As I await the answers I get to have highly stimulating conversations and debates with people, many of whom I don’t even know, about some fantastical ideas that cause me to be more introspective and thoughtful over the human race’s purpose – if there is one. Imagination stimulates friendly conversation into secret shares that bring people closer. And I truly believe that discussing the bizarre makes us feel more human. And I like that. A lot.

I still¬†really¬†want to know the answer – I just don’t mind so much now if I don’t.



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