The New Human That Was

Blood TypeBlood Rh negative

Recently I have spent a lot of my time discussing and considering the future of humankind’s biological and technical evolution. Now, after interviewing Nick Redfern, and with the recent discovery of a new member of the human family, Homo Naledi, I have been left wondering about our distant past. In our conversation we explored the controversial ideas surrounding Rh-positive and Rh-negative blood types that have led him to theorize an intentional genetic intervention that altered the projection of our Hominid relative’s evolution – and so leading to us: Homo Sapien Sapien. Who or what exactly intervened with our genetic coding is more controversial than the idea that our species has suddenly shifted in it’s natural course of development. In step with the, sometimes pseudoscience based, ancient aliens theory, it does seem preposterous. And yet, I find that I am still fascinated with the idea. Perhaps this is because Nick provides factual genetic evidence of a bloodline alteration that is scientifically sound but not yet given an acceptable and mundane explanation. Is the lack of evidence proof? No. But it certainly leaves the door wide open. In the past couple of years there has been a growing compendium of evidence to support the panspermia theory as valid. We are inching ever closer to confirming the existence of alien life. I think it is quite possible that our distant ancestors did have their genes tweaked by an outside agent. Whether this agent was of an intelligent kind or by an interstellar microorganism is to be debated. However, with the mounting evidence to support more recent visits by extraterrestrials, as I had discussed in my interview with Jim Marrs, support for the idea of an ancient ET intervention can be found in the present. For if we are being visited now – then the odds increase exponentially for Earth having a past visit. What that visit or visits may have been; how long might they have been here; was it perhaps a brief biological experiment for planet exploring scientists; who knows? So, as for myself, until more evidence is put forth – I find Nick’s theory seriously intriguing!


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